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Education Team: Taught Programmes: Recommend a book for library stock

Requesting specialist resources

If you wish to request specialist resources not currently available at Library Services, you can  recommend a new book title for purchase or request a journal article, book or book chapter as an inter-library loan.

Library Services subscribe to thousands of journals but should the article you require not be included in our subscriptions, it can be ordered for you from other libraries via our online inter-library loans system.  It is also possible to request a book or book chapter via inter-library loans.  Scanned material (articles and book chapters) will be sent to your Aston University email within a few days.  If you wish to request an entire book, please note that this could take a few weeks to arrive.  We recommend that you contact your Information Specialist first, as it may be possible to purchase the book.

Book purchase recommendation

If you would like to recommend a book for the Library to purchase, you can complete the online form or email your Information Specialist.
Our Information Specialists will consider any request which is in support of the teaching, learning and research needs of the University. However, it will also depend on whether there is sufficient budget available or whether the item is still in print. 
If the book you have requested is not yet published, the order will be kept on file, and processed once publication is confirmed.