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Languages: News

Why use news sources?


News sources can be right up to date, written yesterday, or even earlier today.  They help give an understanding of the mood of public feeling on an issue, rather than just the academic view.

Bear in mind that some newspapers are considered to be more reliable than others.  In addition all newspapers have a viewpoint which they will want to promote.  If you find information, think about whether or not it is unbiased.  You may have good reason to use a sensational article, or one which is biased, but you will need to comment on why you have used it, and justify your inclusion.

If you are using news film or sound in your assignment, it should still be referenced, in the same way as a written source.

Searching Nexis for foreign newspapers

Step-by-step instructions for browsing foreign newspapers on Nexis UK

1. To view newspaper articles, go to Nexis.

2. Choose the newspaper you wish to view by clicking on "More sources" and typing the title of the newspaper into the field provided, or you can browse for newspapers by then selecting "Advanced source search".

> If you have chosen the advanced source search, make sure you then click on "Find Sources" on the top left-hand side of the page. Leave the keyword field blank, and expand the 'news' section in the Publication Type box. Tick the box next to the word 'newspapers'.

Click on and select either the publication language or region of coverage, and then click on . You will be taken to a list of newspapers.

Select the title of the newspaper you wish to read and then click on . You will be taken back to the Powersearch.

3. Now that you have selected your newspaper, enter the dates you wish to search. If you're looking for news on a specific subject, enter key words in the search box. If you just wish to browse articles rather than search for a specific subject, leave the search box blank - note that if you choose to leave the search box blank, you MUST select a date range. You are now ready to .

News sources

Nexis logo

is a web based database of hundreds of regional, British, European and International newspapers.

Financial Times logo   Access - If you are a first time user, sign up via the link with your University email address and then log in with your University username and password.  You will then be asked to register

Once registered, users can log in with your University username and password.

Aston University's subscription includes:

  • Unlimited access to articles and tools
  • Daily email briefings on topics and sectors
  • Independent research and analysis on industries and countries
  • 8 year archive of FT news and analysis
  • The Lex Column
  • Access to videos, blogs, market data, interactive charts
  • Access to case studies, in depth reports and special reports
  • Commenting and sharing - the FT's annotation tool to add depth to classroom discussions
  • FT web app - instant access to on your smartphone or tablet

The FT have a web app, mobile website and Android app. For more information see FT Apps & Mobile. Comment and sharing of articles does not work using the iPad web app.

 The Library provides online access to the Financial Times via two research databases:

Nexis UK  -
*Please note* There is a one month embargo on the latest issues

  • Choose the Sources tab
  • Choose Find sources
  • Type in Financial Times
  • Choose Find Sources
  • Click the name of the newspaper you want from the list (e.g. Financial Times [London])
  • Choose the OK - Continue button

The Financial Times is now listed in your source box and you can search across the back file of newspaper. 

Proquest (ABI Inform Complete)
*Please note* there is a one month embargo on the latest issue

  • Choose Publications on the top toolbar
  • Type in The Financial Times
  • Click the title in the results list
  • You can now search within the publicationImage of FT stickers



The Library provides access to The Economist direct from the publisher.

Economist articles can also be searched via Business Source Complete but there is a one month embargo on current issues

*WARNING* If you are accessing from off-campus and run a search on a topic, article results will open in a new tab.  This loses authentication and restricts your access to the full text.  This is a problem with the set up at  They are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it with the assistance of University Libraries across the UK.   If you are off-campus please access The Economist articles by right clicking on the article title and opening the content in a New Window

Screenshot of the process described above. The right-click menu has been opened and the Open Link in New Window option selected



Articles from The Economist are available from 1992 onwards.  Please note; pictures, tables and other graphics will be limited.

Regional Business News incorporates coverage of more than 80 regional business publications covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States.  This is accessible via our subscription to Business Source Complete

TV & radio programme sources

Foreign newspapers

The library provides access to articles from around 100 different French-language national and local newspapers through Nexis UK. These include:

L'AGEFI Quotidien

Aujourd'hui en France

Le Berry Républicain

Centre Press

Charente Libre

La Croix

La Dépêche du Midi

L'Echo Républicain

Les Echos

L'Est Républicain

Le Figaro

Le Figaro Economie

Le Havre-Libre

Le Havre-Presse



Le Journal du Centre

La Lettre de l'audiovisuel

Le Maine Libre

Midi Libre

Le Monde

La Montagne

La Nouvelle République du Centre Ouest




Le Parisien

Le Populaire du Centre

Presse Ocean

Le Progrès de Fécamp

La Republique du Centre

Sud Ouest

Le Télégramme

La Tribune

La Voix du Nord

L'Yonne Républicaine

The library provides access to articles from almost 100 different German-language national and local newspapers through Nexis UK. These include:

Aachener Nachrichten

Aachener Zeitung

Aar Bote

Allgemeine Zeitung

Alt-Neuöttinger Anzeiger

Appenzeller Zeitung

Der Bayerwald-Bote

Berliner Kurier

Berliner Morgenpost

Berliner Zeitung


Bürstädter Zeitung

Deggendorfer Zeitung

Der Neue Kämmerer

Frankfurter Rundschau

Gelnhäuser Tageblatt


Hamburger Abendblatt



Hochheimer Zeitung

Hofheimer Zeitung


Idsteiner Zeitung

Immobilien Zeitung Aktuell

Jüdische Allgemeine

Kölner Express

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

Kölnische Rundschau

Kreis Anzeiger

Lampertheimer Zeitung

Landauer Neue Presse

Lauterbacher Anzeiger

Lebensmittel Zeitung



Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Nürnberger Nachrichten

Nürnberger Zeitung

Oberhessische Zeitung

Passauer Neue Presse

Die Presse

Rheinische Post Duesseldorf

Rottaler Anzeiger

Sächsische Zeitung Regionalausgaben


St.Galler Tagblatt

Der Standard

Stuttgarter Nachrichten

Stuttgarter Zeitung

Südwest Presse


Der Tagesspiegel

Taz, die Tageszeitung

Telecom Handel

Toggenburger Tagblatt

Vilshofener Anzeiger

Die Welt

Welt kompakt

Wiesbadener Kurier


The library provides access to articles from around 50 different Spanish-language national and local newspapers through Nexis UK. These include:


Al Día (Costa Rica)

Cinco Dias

Diario Cordoba

Diario Montañés

Diario Vasco

El Comercio

El Comercio (Ecuador)

El Comercio (Peru)

El Correo

El Financiero (Costa Rica)

El Mercurio (Chile)

El Mundo

El Nacional (Venezuela)

El Norte (Mexico)

El Norte de Castilla

El Nuevo Dia (Puerto Rico)

El Pais

El País (Uruguay)

El Periodico de Aragon

El Periodico de Catalunya

El Periodico Extremadura

El Periodico Mediterraneo

El Universal (Mexico)

Expansion (Madrid)



La Nación (Argentina)

La Nación (Costa Rica)

La Opinion

La Rioja

La Verdad

La Voz de Cádiz

Líderes (Ecuador)

Mural (Mexico)


Portafolio (Colombia)

Reforma (Mexico)