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Engineering Systems, Supply Chain Management, Professional Engineering: Referencing

Managing your References

Book iconWhen you are asked to write an assessment at University, your lecturer will expect that you cite your research within your writing and produce a reference list at the end of the piece of work.  You will quickly start consulting a number of different sources of information. It's important to manage your sources carefully from the start and know that you are referencing them correctly. This page offers some handy hints and advice on how to manage your references and citations.

Learning Development Centre

Referencing is the practice of acknowledging and describing other pieces of work that you have read or used whilst completing your own work.

Find out more at the Learning Development Centre (LDC).

Useful books on referencing

Referencing sources from Library SmartSearch

  1. Find the item (e.g. book or article) you require in Library Search
  2. Click the cite button button on the right hand side of the screen
  3. Choose the most appropriate format for your task (check with the tutor marking your work if you're not sure)
  4. Check the reference thoroughly before copying and pasting it into your document
  5. Alternatively, use the export links to export your reference directly to your reference management software.

Cite Them Right Online

Cite them right online icon and link

Your guide to referencing and avoiding plagiarism

Cite Them Right Online is an interactive eBook that will help you reference a wide range of sources, including: books, films, journals, web resources, images, tweets, and much, much more in a variety of referncing styles.

The site's interactivity means that you can find the information that you need quickly and easily. You'll wonder how you ever survived without it!