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Academic staff: TV and Radio on demand

What is BoB?

What is Box of Broadcasts (BoB)? 

BoB is a TV and radio streaming service for UK Higher and Further education. Using BoB you can:

  • Record permanent copies of TV and radio programmes from over 65 free-to-air channels
  • Search an archive of over 2 million broadcasts
  • Share recordings via hyperlinks, Moodle or Resource Lists
  • Create clips to share or use in lectures

How to use BoB

To create an account in BoB follow these simple instructions. 

- Visit BoB and select 'Sign In'

- Search for and select "Aston University - OpenAthens" using the search bar. Click 'Go'

- At the Aston University login screen, sign in with your Aston University username and password. 

N.B. The first time you login to BoB you will be asked to provide an email address to verify your account. Enter your email address and name. You will shortly receive an email with instructions on how to verify your account. 

What is the Guide?

The BoB Guide shows the TV listings for 65 free to air channels. All programmes on the 9 most popular channels are recorded automatically on broadcast, content from the remaining channels can be requested up to 30 days after broadcast. If you're planning ahead you can request recordings up to 7 days in advance. 

The left and right arrows navigate backwards and forwards in time, scrolling vertically show more channels. The colour of the text underneath the programme title shows its recording status;

Blue; available for you to request a recording of the programme

Amber; scheduled to be recorded automatically. It may take several hours to become available

Green; available now to stream

Requesting a recording

To request a recording from the guide scroll to the day and time of broadcast. 

  • If the programme displays "Available to Watch" it has already been recorded. You can view and/or share it by simply clicking on the programme's title. 
  • If the programme displays "Available Soon" it is scheduled to be recorded but is not yet available. You can request to be notified when the programme is available by clicking the title and selecting "I would like to watch this". 
  • To request a recording click "Request programme" and select "I would like to watch this". Your recording will be available a few hours after broadcast and you will be emailed once it is ready. If the programme has been repeated it may already be available in BoB and display "Copy Available" you can view it immediately. 

Once your recording is ready you will receive an email to the address you registered with and the programme will appear in MyBoB. 

You can request up to 10 recordings per day. 

As well as recording content from the guide, you can also search an archive of over 2 million broadcasts to share with your students. Once you've found a programme you're interested in you can add it to MyBoB or create a playlist. To search the BoB archive first click the Search bar at the top of the page. 

You can either search for individual programmes or user-created playlists using the checkbox. The default search settings will look for your keywords in programmes' titles, metadata and transcript; you can perform an advanced search by clicking "search options". To perform a search enter your keywords and click the search icon.

Your results will appear in a list below the search bar, you can sort these by newest, oldest, title and relevance. A short excerpt of the programme's transcript will appear showing you where your keyword was mentioned. 

Once you have found a programme you're interested in click the title to view, share, add it to a playlist or add it to MyBoB.  

Sharing programmes recorded on BoB is simple, this page will explain how to share videos using a link but you can also share them using Resource Lists, Sharing Playlists and Embedding Videos in Blackboard.

Once you have found a video you want to share open it from the Guide, your Search Results or from MyBoB. 

  • Under the video player click "Share".
  • You now have three options to share your programme:

- Link: This link will take users to the BoB homepage first. They will need to search for Coventry University and login to watch the video. This option is best if you're sending the link via email, blogposts, instant messenger services or including in documents or presentations.

- WAYFless Link: This link is specific to Coventry University so users will go directly to our login page.

- Embed: The embed code allows you to embed a video directly on a website or Moodle page. Users will be asked to login when pressing play. 

Creating a playlist allows you to group together related videos or clips for yourself or to share with your students. You can view and edit your playlists from your MyBoB area.

Creating a New Playlist

To create a new playlist click MyBob from the BoB homepage. Click "Playlists" and "New Playlist". Give your playlist a name and brief description. The checkbox allows you to chose if you want your playlist to be publicly available; if you select this option other BoB users can find and view your playlist. 

Adding Programmes to your Playlist

To add a video to a playlist open the full video by clicking on its title. Under the video you will see an option to "Add to Playlist", click this. You can now add the programme to an existing playlist by typing in its title or create a new list and add your video to this. 

Editing a Playlist

To edit your playlist go to your MyBoB area and select playlists. Click the playlist you want to edit to open it. To edit the title, description and public status of your list select "Edit Playlist Details". You can also use this to delete your playlist. To remove programmes from your playlist click "Edit List", check any items you want to remove and click "Remove". 

Many times there may only be a specific part of a programme relevant to your students. BoB includes functionality to easily make clips from whole programmes. 

Make a clip

To make a clip

  • First open the complete programme from the guide, a playlist or from MyBoB. 
  • Under the video click the "Make Clip" option. 
  • A new tool bar will appear on your video with a start and end marker.
  • Drag the markers to show where you want your clip to begin and end; the portion of the video shown in white indicates your clip.
  • When you're happy with your clip click "Save Clip". You can give your clip a new name and description.

Your clip will now be saved in your MyBoB area with a unique URL. You can share your clip in any of the ways you would a full programme. 

Editing Clips

To edit your clips

  • Go to the MyBob area of BoB. 
  • Select the "Clips" area. Select the clip you want to edit.
  • You can now either edit or delete your clip.
    • To edit your clip click "Edit Clip", you can now adjust the start and end times of your clip. When you're happy click "Save Clip".

The URL of your clip will remain the same after you have edited it. 

Broadcasts from BoB can be added to a module's reading list just as you would a book or article. This is a quick and easy way for students to access content and creates a strong link between the programme and the module's learning outcomes. 

  • Find the programme or clip you want to add to your reading list; you can find this by searching the guide or from MyBoB.
  • ‚ÄčOnce on the programme use the "Add to My Bookmarks" button. 
  • This will open the bookmarking page, the programme's details should appear pre-filled in the relevant fields.
  • Select "Create & Add to List", select the list you want to add it to.
  • Add in notes (if any) and select where you want the video to appear on the list.
  • When finished click "OK", a link to your programme will then appear in your resource list.

Remember that you will need to visit the Reading List page and publish your changes before they will be visible to students accessing the list.