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Academic staff: Teaching with case studies

Teaching with Case Studies


HS Talks - The Business and Management Collection contains over 900 specially prepared, animated, online, video lectures and case studies by experts from commerce, industry, the professions and academia...

  • View animated lecture slides, talks and cases studies
  • Play in your teaching sessions whether on-campus or online
  • Create clips which can easily be embedded in to your module on Blackboard or in presentation slides
  • Create a playlist which you can share with others
  • There are no restrictions and students can view in the UK and around the world

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SAGE Business Cases is the first digital collection tailored to library needs, providing librarians, faculty, and students with cases to support their curriculum and independent research. Launching with 1,000 cases from around the world, this collection will grow to 2,500 case studies by 2018. These cases are:

  • Accessible campus-wide, providing easy discovery for students and faculty for the use in courses and research 
  • Critically minded, up-to-date, and developed to elicit discussion and further research
  • Accompanied by instructor-only teaching notes with suggested teaching strategies, target audience, and possible responses to discussion questions that can help facilitate classroom discussion
  • Contemporary and newsworthy. Topics include Marketing, Operations Management, Small Business & Entrepreneurship, International Business, Human Resource Management, and more
  • Offered on SAGE's digital library platform, SAGE Knowledge, these cases are integrated with SAGE's book, video, and reference content, allowing for a rich scholarly environment and enhanced discovery

This collection brings together cases selected from a variety of sources, including key university and association partnerships, to meet the needs of business faculty and students internationally.

This guide show you how to set up access to instructor-only teaching notes in SAGE Business Cases
Instructor notes

The Case Centre  The Case Centre
The Case Centre is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the case method in business education and sharing our world-leading knowledge and expertise in case teaching, writing and learning. 

The Case Centre

  • holds the world’s largest and most diverse collection of management cases, articles, book chapters and teaching materials
  • runs expert-led case method workshops at locations worldwide
  • offers case writing scholarships to first-time case writers
  • holds annual awards and competitions – the case method ‘Oscars’
  • offers a global case publication and distribution service
  • provides a CoursePack Creator – a one-stop study solution
  • publishes a free newsletter dedicated to the case method.

The Library can support the ordering of cases from the Case Centre.  Academic staff can also order cases from the Case Centre but this is normally organised through the Group Administrator in your academic department. 

Students can also register with the case centre and personally order a case


Harvard Business Business School Cases 

As an academic you can register with HBR School Cases for free.  Search or browse the contents of cases published by Harvard Business School Publishing. The full text of these cases are only available on a pay to view basis.

The website provides a large amount of resources for educators.

The Library can order cases from the Harvard Business School Cases to support your teaching, please contact your Information Specialist.  

Case studies on companies and industries are sometimes used with academic textbooks.  They are usually highlighted in the contents page of the textbook.

Option 1: use Library Search to locate textbooks on a topic and then browse the contents pages or index at the back of the book to see if there are any case studies

Option 2: Go to the books tab of the LibGuide and search within the e-book databases.  You can search within the full text of the books on the database.  Type in case study and the topic you are interested in.