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Academic staff: Developing student skills

Information Literacy

Information literacy is the ability to think critically and make balanced judgements about any information we find and use. It empowers us as citizens to reach and express informed views and to engage fully with society (CILIP, 2018).  Information Literacy Group logo

Your Information Specialist can work with you to embed this essential learning skill into your programmes and modules.  We are happy to teach on a one-off or ongoing basis as part of a module and will work with you to create bespoke, relevant sessions that we can deliver in our state-of-the-art Library workshop rooms. We can also discuss ideas for promoting the effective use of good quality resources to your students.

Developing student skills

Library Services provides support for your students throughout their studies. 

If you have a student who is struggling with:

  • finding the resources they need to support their learning
  • evaluating sources of information
  • selecting information appropriate for academic study
  • managing their resources

you can direct them to your Information Specialist, or the support listed on this page


LibGuides for every subject

LibGuides are resources put together by the Library’s Information Specialists, tailored towards each subject area.  Each LibGuide contains information on:

  • Finding books from a reference and using the Library Search
  • Databases relevant to the discipline
  • Links to a number of external online resources
  • Information about specialist Library resources

Our LibGuides also contain information that is useful for researchers, particularly keeping up to date with a subject and networking with the research community.