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Economics: Journal Articles

Why use journals?

From the First Year to the Final Year of your degree, your module lecturers will want to see that you have talked about research in journal articles in your assessments.

Journal articles are usually:

  • first hand reports of original research, making them primary source material
  • the first place where new research is published, so they are at the cutting edge of your subject
  • peer-reviewed, meaning that the articles have been critically evaluated by experts in the field before publication.

You can browse all the journal titles held at Aston University Library via the Journal A-Z list:

Key Databases for finding journal articles

The databases listed provide access to thousands of full-text journal articles in your subject area. You should choose a specific database (rather than the Library Search) if you would like to obtain more precise results on your topic.

To start an in-depth search simply click the link and follow any log-in requests using your Aston University username and password.  Depending on the database, a full-text article can be obtained by clicking on the PDF/HTML link or details of provision can be found by clicking on the 'Find it @ Aston' Find it @ Aston button.


Proquest Help Guide


Searching for journal articles on a topic?

You will be able to search across journal articles on a topic by using Library Search, and this may be most appropriate for you if you need to obtain a few full-text journal articles on a particular subject.

Enter your search term(s)

Advanced Search

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SensusAccess is provided by Aston University to enable students and staff to convert documents into a wide range of alternative media.

It is an automated document conversion service that will help enable you to convert your readings, slides and lecture notes into formats that work best for you. For example you could convert an image only PDF or JPEG file to a word document, MP3 file or e-book.

SensusAccess is great for supporting different learning styles, and for providing help when reading text in a foreign language.

SensusAccess is entirely automated and the documents you submit to the service are automatically deleted once they have been converted. You do not need to worry about keeping your privacy as SensusAccess does not store personal information.

More information on the service can be found on our services for users with additional needs webpage