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Construction Management / Civil Engineering: Standards

British Standards Online

Aston University Library Services subscribe to British Standards Online.  Standards are agreed ways of doing something, written down as a set of precise criteria so they can be used as rules, guidelines or definitions.

BS reference

The reference for a standard looks like this:

Standard reference number: year (republished year, if applicable). Title of standard. Place of publication: publisher.

For example:
BS 5605:1990 (1999). Citing and referencing published material. London: British Standard Institution.

Why use standards?

A technical standard is a formal document that establishes uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, processes and practices for technical systems.  Using a standard ensures

  • you are aware of the functionality of a component
  • your product or design meets industry standard specifications for e.g. inter-operability and safety
  • you are using the correct method for taking a measurement

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Other standards (non-BSI)

You can also find standards within the resources below.  For any queries, please email