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English: Theses

Finding Theses

A thesis is a substantial document presenting the author's research and findings, submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree.  You may wish to find relevant theses:

  • to read about research in more detail than the word-limit of a journal article allows
  • when your topic is not well covered by the journal article literature
  • to see an example of what is required for your own submission
  • where you have a reference to a thesis

Using PhD theses in research: EThOS

Understanding references for theses

The reference for a thesis looks like this:

Author surname, initial. (year). Title of thesis. Type of degree/thesis. University: Country.

For example:

Morris-Adams, M. (2008). Coherence and understanding in informal conversations between native and non-native speakers of English. PhD thesis. Aston University: UK.

Aston Research Explorer

These PhD theses by Aston researchers have recently been added to Aston Research Explorer:

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