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Aston University Research Publications Policy

Aston University has an institutional level policy for publishing research outputs (see below), which is implemented at a School or Research Institute / Group level as appropriate for the disciplinary norms for each academic area. It needs to be considered in conjunction with a number of other research related policiesincluding the Policy for the Responsible use of Research Publication Metrics (see below). 


Why have a research publications policy?

High quality publications are the outputs of high-quality research underpinned by sound research integrity and ethics; publication quality can further be enhanced by a raft of measures that maximise the quality and impact of those communications. The purpose of this policy is to set out the support and guidance that researchers should follow to enable them to further raise the quality of their research publications both as outputs of Aston’s Research Strategy and in support of their individual careers.

The policy covers all types of research publications: journal articles, conference papers, book chapters and books. The mix of output types will vary by discipline and discipline appropriate guidance and support about this mix will be provided at an appropriate level which might be School, Research Institute / Group. It applies to all authors of research publications, to research leaders and managers and to professional services staff responsible for providing the training, support and resources which underpin this policy.

How the University can help

Aston aims to engender a supportive culture on all aspects of publishing activity including:

  • the provision of relevant training in the skills and knowledge identified in the research publications policy
  • ensuring time is available to undertake that training and to plan and write
  • support from line managers and peers
  • recognition of publication achievements in promotions and My Development Conversations which takes account of individual and personal circumstances including the stage of an individual’s career and publication plans and timescales.


You can contact the Open Research Team for:

Advice on publishing

Research Data and Bibliometrics 


You can contact Research Knowledge Exchange for:

Research ethics, governance and integrity:

Early Career Researchers development programme


Aston University Graduate School for:

Training and development programme for students 

Training and Information Webinars