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Accessibility statements and disability support: Using the library

This guide provides an overview of disability support in the library for staff, students and visitors.

Wheelchair users and other people with mobility issues

Getting around

The library building has a wheelchair accessible door which is card activated. Please speak to the Enabling Team if you require this so we can set up your card correctly. We have a student lift to all floors, and all walkways are wide enough to allow wheelchair access. There is a height-adjustable table on floor 2, and the library workshop rooms also each have an adjustable table.


Getting books

If you do need help reaching shelves or finding books please do not hesitate to ask library staff for assistance, or to send a list of titles in advance for staff to pick. Please be aware that books are picked in parallel with usual library processes, so we would encourage you to send picking requests well in advance to your library visit to minimize waiting times.


Fire safety

There are two refuge points on each of the floors 1-3, located towards the staircases behind double doors. Each has facilities to contact Security. If there is a fire alarm please proceed to the nearest refuge point. Please note the front staircase has automatic doors and is more easily accessible. A Fire Warden will record your presence and notify Fire Services. The library has an EvacChair if you cannot safely make your own way down the stairs and Fire Wardens can help you evacuate the building this way. If you are a wheelchair user and cannot transfer safely from your wheelchair to an EvacChair please speak to the Disability and Academic Support Team or contact the library for fire safety arrangements.


Fire alarm testing

Fire alarm testing is being carried out every Tuesday morning. It is announced via tannoy. The alarm will ring for about 30 seconds. 

Visual impairments

All our e-book platforms are compatible with most standard screen readers, and also allow customisation of the reading panel, such as increasing font sizes.

In the case that there is no e-book available we can try and source an accessible copy for you. Please email with your details as well as the title, author name, publication year and edition (if applicable) of the book(s) you are looking for.

(In order to use this service you need to be registered with the Disability and Academic Support Team.)

Social disabilities & mental health conditions

Adjustments for you

We have a range of adjustments available for people with social and mental health conditions, e.g. extended loan periods for print books, fetching books if you have mobility issues, and other. To be considered for these measures please contact the Disability and Academic Services Team.

Aston is also taking part in the Hidden Disability Sunflower Scheme which can be helpful for on-campus visits. You can wear a sunflower pin badge on your Aston-issued lanyard to signal discreetly to others that you have a hidden disability and may need additional support, help, or more time. Our staff are sensitised to the Sunflower Scheme and will do their best to accommodate you. If you would like to have a sunflower badge please contact the Hub.


Study spaces

We have a range of different study spaces available for you to use with different noise and surrounding activity levels, as well as near windows or away from daylight, as you prefer. All floors except the first floor have fixed computers installed which you can use on a first come first served basis.

On the Ground Floor we have a social learning space where you can work collaboratively. 

On the first floor we have a single study area where you can work at single study carrels which provide some visual shielding from the sides and front. Whispered conversations are permitted here, but keep in mind the Learning Development Centre is on the same floor, and noise regulations are not quite the same in that area. 

The third floor is our silent study area. Here you can work if you need complete silence, though you might still hear keyboard noises. There are different options for tables available - open tables which seat up to four people, single study carrels and computer areas.