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Accessibility statements and disability support: Welcome

This guide provides an overview of disability support in the library for staff, students and visitors.

What you can find here

This is a guide to the disability support you can find in the library at Aston University. Some services are accessible to everyone, others are only for those registered with the Disability and Academic Support Team. If you find that you need more support than what is described here, please contact the Disability and Academic Support Team below for an assessment.

You will also be able to find out how to read the accessibility statements for all external online platforms and databases we link to.

The images are links to other pages.

Enabling Team

If you would like to register with the Disability and Academic Support Team, or if you are already registered with the Disability and Academic Support Team and would like to set up additional library support, please contact the team directly to discuss your needs. Their contact information is:

By phone: 0121 204 5100

By email:

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