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Optometry: Finding journal articles on a topic

Searching for journal articles on a topic?

You will be able to find a limited number of journal articles on a topic by using the Library SmartSearch, and this may be most appropriate for you if you need to obtain a few full-text journal articles on a particular subject.

You can use the following bibliographic databases to carry out a comprehensive search for journal articles in your subject area.  Follow the  button within each journal article record to find out whether the full text is available to you as a member of Aston University.

Web of Science

Search Web of Science™

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How to improve your keyword searches for journal articles

Keyword searching is generally what you use when you are first beginning a search. Try to break down your topic or research question into the overall main ideas; these main ideas become simple keywords which you may use to search a Library database. It's useful to keep a keyword list when you are researching a topic. This will help you remember the words you have already tried searching, the combinations you have used, and any new words you noticed in search results that you want to try in your searches later.

Watch this short video to help you improve your search skills:


PubMed Logo

PubMed is a free online bibliographic database which searches MEDLINE data on journal articles in the medical, biomedical and clinical sciences.

If you choose to use PubMed, please note:

  • You will see links to the full text of the journal articles in most records - these will not necessarily work with Aston's subscriptions.  Please search for your journal article using Library SmartSearch to see if Aston can provide you with access to the full text.
  • Journal titles are given in abbreviated form - you may need to find out the full journal title to help you locate the article in full text.

Alternatively, use any of the following interfaces to search MEDLINE data, all of which feature the Find it @ Aston button to help you access the full text of any articles you find: