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Open Research at Aston: Preregistration

About Preregistration

Preregistration is a way of publicly stating your research plan before you complete your study and submit it to a relevant registry. It's good practice to prereigster because it ensures that you clearly separate hypothesis-generating from hypothesis-testing research. Why? Because you really shouldn't use one set of data to both create and test a hypothesis (see also HARKing and cherry-picking) and doing so can raise credibility questions. By preregistering your research plan you commit to transparent study reporting without postdiction.

See further information at:


The Centre for Open Science also provides a great overview and FAQ section for all your preregistration questions!


When to Preregister?

The best time to preregister is before you start collecting data! This can be at the start of a new research project or when starting a new collection period for an ongoing project. But don't worry if you forgot! You can still preregister before you begin analysing the data you have already collected. 

Where to Preregister?

Information on how to preregister your study can be found in a few places, with some examples below:

How To Properly Preregister A Study‚Äč

Research Preregistration 101


You can preregister at: 

OSF (and check their registry to see what else has been preregistered)


WHO Registry Network

A document deposited in any Open Access Repository