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Open Research at Aston: Peer Reviewers Openness Initiative

What is PRO initiative?

The Peer Reviewers Openness Initiative (PROI) is a commitment by those serving as peer reviewers to promote open practices by making these a precondition of them reviewing an article.

To this end, those who sign the initiative agree that they will not offer review or recommend for publication manusripts that do not meet the minimum open science requirements of:

1. Data should be made publicly available

2. Instructions, survey questions, etc. that are key parts of the research should be made publicly available

3. When these are not made open, the reason why should be clearly explained (legal constraints, ethics issues, etc.)

4. Documents, instructions, and software needed to open, read or use code and software should be made publicly available

5. The locations of these resources should be explicitly mentioned in all publications relating to the research. These items should be stored in stable and reliable formats/platforms. 

Authors can show that they are in agreement with the PROI by clearing showing where publicly available data etc. can be found. 

The full Initiative can be found here: The Initiative

 An article on the PROI can be read here: The Peer Reviewers' Openness Initiative: incentivizing open research practices through peer review