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Research Bites 2018/2019: Research Impact

Measuring Research Impact - Bibliometrics

Wednesday 18th July

Clare Langman

Bibliometrics are becoming increasingly important as a way to measure the performance and impact of individual researchers as well as Clare Langmanacademic institutions.  This session will look at how bibliometrics are being used and how they support the REF.

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You can watch a full lecture capture on Aston Replay (login using Blackboard and your usual Aston University username and password) or download the PowerPoint slides below.

The full presentation slides will be available below once the Research Bite has taken place.

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Researcher Development Network

This session maps to the following descriptors from vitae's Researcher Development Framework:

Primary outcomes:

  • B3.5:  Reputation and esteem
  • D2.1:  Communication methods
  • D2.2:  Communication media
  • D2.3:  Publication

Secondary outcomes:

  • B3.4:  Networking
  • C1.4:  IPR and copyright

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