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Online Researcher Profiles: ResearchGate

What is ResearchGate?

ResearchGate is a social networking site for researchers to share publications, ask and answer questions and find future collaborators. It is free to join, though a university e-mail address is required. To join ResearchGate, please click here

Once you have signed up for a ResearchGate profile, you can import your publications from EndNote, CiteSeer, PubMed, arXiv, etc. You can also create publication lists from outputs you have deposited in Aston Publications Explorer. If you have co-authors, they will be linked automatically to these publications if they are also signed up to ResearchGate. You can search and filter the contents of ResearchGate to find authors, journals, institutions, etc. 


Benefits of joining include:

1. Discoverability - your profile and your research can be searched for in Google and other search engines. 

2. Metrics - Analyse your research from a variety of perspectives including views, downloads and citations

3. Discuss - Comment on, post questions to, follow other researchers/publications. More than 4 million researchers use ResearchGate.

4. DOI Link - Link your ResearchGate record to the publishers web page for your article, or book chapter etc. This is useful if your publisher does not allow you to upload your publication to ResearchGate.

5. Job Recruitment Job advertisements are regularly posted to appeal to a wide audience


It should be noted that ResearchGate is a for-profit organisation and neither the members nor the content are monitored for accuracy.


Advice for Researchers

Researchers should note that ResearchGate is NOT a repository and therefore does not meet the deposit criteria for Aston's Open Access policy, the REF Open Access policy or research funder's (Wellcome Trust, NIHR, ERC, etc.) open access policies. Furthermore, you as a user are responsible for ensuring that any documents that you post on ResearchGate are within the copyright agreement that you signed with your publisher. 

Major publishers are increasingly scrutinizing the content on ResearchGate; in November 2017 ResearchGate was forced to remove1.7 million copyrighted documents from public access on its website. If you do want to share your work on ResearchGate, please adhere to the deposit advice provided by the following trusted sources:

Additionally, you can also email the Open Access and Repository Specialists ( if you would like further information on whether you can add a document to ResearchGate. 

Why use ResearchGate?