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Open Access at Aston: Open Access Books

Open Access Books

Open Access Books has a similar premise to open access journal articles: the books are made freely available with a Creative Commons licence immediately at the point of online publication so that anyone, anywhere in the world can read them. All open access academic monographs are reviewed, just as with traditional academic book publishers, and go through editing etc. before production. 


Commercial academic book publishers and some non-profit open book publishers charge a Book Publishing Charge (BPC), similar to an article processing charge for a hybrid open access journal article. Some BPCs are set to cover only the cost of production (from submission to publication), while others are priced higher to include a profit margin for the publisher. 


Multiple publishers (commercial and non-profit) have all reported a steep rise in book usage for open access books, and the advantages to discoverability and accessibility have been widely recognised. Two examples of open access book statistics are: 


The Covid-19 pandamic has further highlighted the usefulness and value of open access books to the global community.

OA Book Publishers without a BPC

These are just a few examples of publishers who do not charge a BPC to publish open access books: 

Open Book Publishers : Open Book Publishers is a non-profit social enterprise that has been operating since 2008. It's the biggest independent academic monograph publisher in the UK and leads globally in publishing open access monographs across the English-speaking world. They publish a wide range of topics and do not charge authors a book publishing charge to publish. In their words: 'What we’re not: We’re not vanity publishing. We’re not predatory publishing. We’re not commercial publishing. We don’t charge authors to publish OA. We don’t publish poor-quality scholarship.' OBP books are freely available online at the point of publication in PDF, HTML and XML and can also be bought in hardback, paperback and ebook versions as well. 

If you are interested in publishing with Open Book Publishers, please refer to their page for New Authors

Aston University has supporter membership with Open Book Publishers.


Open Humanities Press : Open Humanities Press has been in operation since 2006 as an independent, volunteer organisation. They publish both open access books and journals and do not charge any fees to publish. Authors retain rights to their books under a Creative Commons licence. Open Humanities Press books are published as part of established series, though new series can be proposed to the OHP editors.  

Open Access OHP books can be downloaded as pdfs, and physical copies are also available to buy. Authors wishing further information or submit book proposals should refer to the OHP Submissions page


Punctum Books : Punctum Books is based in the USA and Netherlands and publishes monographs relating to the humanities, social sciences and arts/design and do not charge any fees to publish. Books published by Punctum are available free in ebook form with a Creative Commons NC-SA licence (though authors can choose another license) and can be bought as print copies as well.  

Punctum Books typically publish 30-40 books a year and prospective authors are encouraged to submit proposals according to the guidelines on the Submit page

OA Book Publishers with a BPC

Many academic book publishers now offer the option of making all or part of books open access via that payment of a Book Publishing Charge (BPC), or a reduced charge for individual chapters. The fee for this with commercial academic publishers starts at £10,000 + VAT and can be higher, depending on the publisher and book length. Fees for individual chapters begin at £1200+ VAT and higher. Commercial publishers may offer you the option of making your book open access at the point that they accept your book proposal. Note that you do not have to pay to publish your book with a commercial publisher; if they imply that they will not publish your book unless you agree to pay a BPC you should consider withdrawing your proposal and find another publisher.


Aston University does not have a BPC budget and cannot pay to make books or chapters open access. However, authors are encouraged to make books and chapters open access via self-archiving in the repository wherever possible. Please email to enquire whether your publisher allows all or part of you book to be deposited in Aston Publications Explorer

Open Access Books Resources

How to choose a publisher for your open access book- blogpost from OA Books Toolkit


Open Access Books Network- a community open to anyone interested in open access books


COPIM (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructure for Monographs)- a project to promote a 'more diverse, scholar-led, community-owned, and not-for-profit publishing ecosystem that enables smaller and more community-focused presses to thrive and multiply'


ScholarLed is a consortium of five non-profit open access book publisher