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Open Access at Aston: FAQ- Copyright and Intellectual Property

Copyright and Intellectual Property Questions

What are the copyright implications of depositing in Aston Publications Explorer?

If the publisher owns the copyright, they may allow you to place a specific version in Aston Research Explorer. You should check the publisher's policies on their website, SHERPA or contact us for assistance. ‚Äč


What copyright does the University retain?

Depositing your items on the repository does not change your rights, which are dependent on the publisher agreement. Please see the University IP Policy


Will making my work freely available affect my Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)?

Uploading items to Aston Research Explorer does not affect any of your rights, on the contrary, it helps to assert your copyright worldwide. However if you expect to make money from your work (for example, a book), understandably you will not want it to be freely available through the repository. In these cases you may deposit just bibliographic details or impose an embargo on the full-text until you have made the most of your royalties.


My publication contains third party copyright material. Can I still upload it?

When you published your work, you should have obtained written permission to include third party material in your work. Unless this permission explicitly allows you to upload the material online, you should obtain permission in writing.