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Research Bites 2019/2020: Welcome

Research Bites 2019/2020

Research Bites are short, informal seminars on topics relevant to researchers at all levels, run by Library Services. The aim is to deliver useful information, start discussions and answer questions for the benefit of anyone conducting research at Aston University.

Whether you want a quick refresher on a single topic or a comprehensive updating of your information and research skills, you will find something for you.

For the full 2019 programme, see below.


Title Abstract Speaker How to Attend
Finding key articles and citation analysis Whatever your current skill level in searching the literature, improve the speed, precision and recall of your searches.


Andy Doyle

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Research Student Career Essentials

This session will outline careers support available for research students at Aston, key resources and a model you can use to support your career management

Iwan Griffiths

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Ethics and code of practice of publishing in journals

Publishing the findings of our research is an essential step in sharing our work with academics and practitioners who work in our field. But how can we ensure that the manuscripts we submit meet the ethical standards required by journal editors? This session examines best practice when preparing an article for publication and highlights some of the traps to avoid.  


Jeanette Lilley

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Understanding copyright – a quick guide to your thesis and other people’s work

All research builds on previously published work. This interactive session will introduce you to the basics of Copyright and Intellectual Property law, and what you need to be aware of when quoting and using other people’s work in your thesis and beyond.


Caroline Long

Recording is not available for this session. Presentation slides are available see relevant tab.      
EndNote Are you drowning under piles of articles? Would you like a system which will organise and manage your references for you?  Try Endnote, the University recommended reference management software.  Find out how to utilise the system to store your articles and manage your references wherever you are working in the world.


Nicola Dennis

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Plan S and the changing landscape of Open Access

Plan S is an ambitious new plan for global open access put forward by cOAlition S, a consortium of international research funders. This plan aims to shake up the current subscription-centric publishing models, but what does this mean for you? We will go through the specifics of Plan S and the impact that it will have on academic publishing practices and policies in the UK from 2020. 


Leigh Stork

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Measuring Research Impact - Bibliometrics

Bibliometrics are becoming increasingly important as a way to measure the performance and impact of individual researchers as well as academic institutions.  This session will look at how bibliometrics are being used and how they support the REF.


Kerstin Treder & Richard Hopkins

Recording is not available for this session.  Presentaiton slides are available see relevant tab.
Online Researcher Profiles Are you interested in learning how to increase your online presence & the discoverability of your publications? If so, come along to this presentation plus Q&A session to learn about the features & benefits of online researcher IDs & social networks


Malcolm Horne


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