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Placement Students: Finding information for your assessment

Finding information on companies

You can use the Library company databases to help you target employers for a placement.  The correct research will help you increase your awareness of different companies and demonstrate that you understood the culture of an organisation.  The research will show an employer that you are motivated and committed and understand how and why you fit into their organisation. You can also use the Library research databases to assist you in your placement assignment or project. 

Legal Requirements

Aston University Library have signed a licence agreement
with each of the databases. The licence agreement
allows you to search and re-use the content within
the databases for an academic assignment or project
but not a piece of research requested by your employer
for use by the company.                                                                                             

Creating a search for an assignment brief


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Company information - financial analysis

These resources provide contact details, profit and loss, balance sheets, ratios, equities, market indices, bonds, foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities and derivatives, and news and many other company and financial details.

Company information - Article Research