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Mathematics: Books

Why use books?

Textbooks are aimed at students and are useful as an introduction to a topic and give you an overview of a subject.         


Finding a book

Search for the book using the book title or the author and a keyword from the title
Search the Library Catalogue using the book title and the name of the Editor

Can't find what you need?

If you cannot find the book you're looking for in the Library Catalogue you can suggest that we buy the book using this form.

If there are books on your Reading List which the Library doesn't have please contact and we will contact your lecturer.

Managing your library books

  • Undergraduates can borrow 20 books, taught postgraduates 25 books and researchers 35 books at any one time.
  • If you need a book for longer you can renew the book by going to your Library Record.
  • If all copies of a book are out on loan and you would like to get hold of a copy you need to reserve it
  • If there is an electronic copy (e-book) click on the link and login.  E-books are exactly the same in terms of content as a printed book; they are just in a different format. We buy e-books from a number of different sources, please check the help files on the specific platform or contact the Library Help desk for further help.


Using e-books on JSTOR

New books for Mathematics

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eBook Platforms explained

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The Library purchases individual titles from Dawsonera and they are all available via Library SmartSearch.  You can also search  Dawsonera as a single database of e-books which will include titles that the Library does not have a licence to view online.  You may not be able to access every title but it will give you an insight as to what is available and you can notify your Information Specialist if you would like to access something for your research.

Features include:

  • Online reading
  • Downloading entire e-books for 1 day
  • Making notes within e-books
  • Adding e-books to a favourites list
  • Exporting citations to End Note

Ebook Central How to Guides...

Ebook Central is a large database covering multiple subjects. The Library has provided access to over 120,000 e-books on this platform, all of which are available via Library SmartSearch. 

Features include:

  • Online reading
  • Downloading chapters
  • Downloading entire e-books for 14 days
  • Making notes within e-books
  • Exporting citations in to EndNote


The Library purchases individual titles from EBSCOhost e-books and also provides access to a large Business collection. All titles are available via Library SmartSearch.   

Features include:

  • Online reading
  • Downloading up to 3 items at a time for 1-2 days
  • Reserving up to 5 titles that are already in use
  • Saving sections for printing or emailing
  • Adding favourites to a folder
  • Adding notes to e-books
  • Exporting citations in to EndNote

In order to download the e-book, you'll need to log in to your Ebsco account. You can create an account at the time you download the item.  

The VitalSource platform contains a small selection of popular e-books published by Pearson. They are all available to access via Library SmartSearch.

In order to access a title on the VitalSource platform:

  1. Select Concurrency Credits (the only option available) and select Activate
  2. At this point, you can either register for a personal account or skip this step to go directly to the e-book.
  3. Once you’ve accessed the e-book you’ll have a period of 24 hours to view it. If all concurrent user accounts are taken when you try to access the e-book, you’ll see a countdown of when the next copy is expected to be available.

Within VitalSource you can download the Bookshelf which helps you to interact with the eBooks. Please find out more at and choose VitalSource Videos


The Library purchases individual titles from VLeBooks and they are available to search via Library SmartSearch.  

Features include:

  • Online reading
  • Downloading up to 5 e-books at a time for 1-7 days
  • Reserving up to 5 titles that are already in use
  • Adding notes and bookmarks to e-books
  • Exporting citations in to EndNote


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The smartest way to start your search


To search for:

  • a specific book, type in the author surname and some words from the title
  • books on a topic, type your keywords and then select Books from the Limit by material type menu on the left-hand side of your results page

       (Reading lists for individual modules can be accessed via Blackboard)