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Human Resource Management: Datastream - Online Guidance & Training


Datastream is a sophisticated financial, accounting and economics database providing access to ten data categories with an archive of 25 years. Students normally use Datastream for stock analysis on UK, European or global companies or for researching economic indicators and country analysis.

Datastream - how to access

Our subscription to Datastream allows a single user accessing the database at any time.  We have installed the software on a single computer in the Lbrary Building.  The location of the computer is

Aston University Library
1st floor (outside the Library Office)

Booking a Research slot
Please use the diary next to the computer to book a research slot.  We request that the booking is limited to two hours in the first instance but if no-one is due after your two hours have been completed,  please feel free to continue.


There is also access to students studying MSc Finance and Investments and MSc Investment Analysis in Aston Business School

Aston Business School
ABS Reuters Dealing Room

Datastream - online guidance and training

Want a face to face tutorial?

Book a research slot with your Information Specialist

  • You can request a face to face tutorial with Nicola Dennis. 
  • Please email
  • Please provide details of your research query.     

Contact the Library Help desk (ground floor of the Library)

If you are already part way through your research and need to ask a quick question please go to the Library Help desk on the ground floor of the Library.  The Information Specialist on duty may be able to advise you.

Contact the Datastream 24 help line

You can speak directly to the Thomson Reuters Datastream helpline.  There is a telephone next to the Datastream computer.  Please pick up the receiver and press the button next to the word Datastream.  You will automatically dial through to the 24 hour help line.  Please state your name, Aston University Library and give the details of your research query.