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Human Resource Management: Company Information

Finding company information

Company information is available from many different sources including; news websites and newspapers, a company's own website and online databases. All UK Public Limited companies are required to publish their accounts and annual reports online, so the company's own website is an excellent place to start your searchPrivate Limited companies are not required to publish their accounts online, but Library Services subscribes to several online databases where this information can be found.

Datastream - Economic and Equity data


Datastream is a sophisticated financial, accounting and economics database providing access to ten data categories with an archive of 25 years. Students normally use Datastream for stock analysis on UK, European or global companies or for researching economic indicators and country analysis.

Our subscription to Datastream allows a single user accessing the database at any time.  We have installed the software on a single computer in the Lbrary Building.  The location of the computer is

Aston University Library
1st floor (outside the Library Office)

You can book a research time using the online booking system - view the Datastream page on the Business and Management LibGuide for more information

Company information - Article Research