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Research Bites 2016: Research Data Management

Research Bites are short, informal seminars on topics relevant to researchers at all levels, run by Library Services. Whether you want a quick refresher on a single topic or a comprehensive updating of your information and research skills, you will find s

Raising your Research Profile - #makinganimpact

Wednesday 10th August
Ammar Wahid

All researchers at Aston University are required to meet the Open Data policies as specified by funders such as the RCUK and also Astons Institutional Research Data Management Policy. Sharing data has several benefits including the increased visibility of research and the potential increase in the number of citations received for publications. Research data can be both digital and non-digital in nature and is defined by the EPSRC as “recorded factual material commonly retained by and accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings”. Sometimes you may have sensitive data which you believe cannot be shared or you may be worried about the specifics of policy requirements in sharing your data. This presentation will help in understanding what data is required to be shared, when it must be shared and how. Details will also be specified on how to deal effectively with research data which has commercial, ethical or Intellectual Property constraints.


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You can watch a full lecture capture on Aston Replay (login using Blackboard and your usual Aston University username and password) or download the PowerPoint slides below.

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Researcher Development Framework

This session maps to the following descriptors from vitae's Researcher Development Framework:

Primary outcomes:

  • B3.5:  Reputation and esteem
  • D2.1:  Communication methods
  • D2.2:  Communication media
  • D2.3:  Publication

Secondary outcomes:

  • B3.4:  Networking
  • C1.4:  IPR and copyright

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