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Research Bites 2016: Publishing in Journals

Research Bites are short, informal seminars on topics relevant to researchers at all levels, run by Library Services. Whether you want a quick refresher on a single topic or a comprehensive updating of your information and research skills, you will find s

Ethics and code of practice of publishing in journals

Wednesday 6th July
Jeanette Lilley

Publishing the findings of our research is an essential step in sharing our work with academics and practitioners who work in our field. But how can we ensure that the manuscripts we submit meet the ethical standards required by journal editors? This session examines best practice when preparing an article for publication and highlights some of the traps to avoid.

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full lecture capture on Aston Replay was not possible for this presentation due to a change in room.  You can download the PowerPoint slides below.

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Researcher Development Framework

This session maps to the following descriptors from vitae's Researcher Development Framework:

Primary outcomes:

  • A1.4:  Information seeking
  • A1.6:  Languages

Secondary outcomes:

  • A1.5:  Information literacy and management
  • A3.1:  Inquiring mind
  • A3.2:  Intellectual insight

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