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Academic staff: Module Reading List

University Reading List

My Module Reading Lists is a system which allows you to communicate the recommended reading for your modules to both Library Services and your students.  Add your recommended reading (including books, book chapters, journal articles and web links) and annotations for students to your list. Library Services will maximise availability of these items and students will be able to access the list via a direct link in your Blackboard module. A picture saying ModuleReadingList

Good practice

Using Talis Reading Lists contributes to a good student experience and consistency across the university. 

New lists and copied lists: Please contact your Information Specialist or if you require a reading list to be set up for a new module or an existing list to be copied.  This is to ensure that it is set up correctly and all the links are working.

Importance categories: Please use the importance categories to help students prioritise their reading. Three categories are available: essential reading, recommended reading and further reading.  As a minimum, it is recommended that essential reading (core reading) is indicated.

Creating list sections: We recommend to divide your list into sections, f.e.

  • Reading for weeks 2 to 4
  • Group project reading
  • Unit 3  (or use a theme)

‚ÄčThis can make a big difference to students finding the material they need, particularly for longer reading lists.

Publishing lists and review: After editing lists, please click on ‘Publish’ to make the changes visible to your students. Publishing your list also enables Library Services to check the list (review) for any titles or additional copies to be purchased based on student numbers.  Unpublished lists/unpublished changes are not visible to Library Services and cannot be reviewed.

My lists area: List owners can claim their lists and add them to the ‘My list’ area.  This will enable students to search for lists by staff name.

Student numbers: Please add the approximate number of students on the module to your list.  This will enable Library Services purchase an appropriate number of print books/e-book licences.  Choose Edit and then Hierarchy & Students.

You can use the step by step instructions from the How to use My Module Reading List Software area on this page, under User Guide.

How to use My Module Reading List software

This guide will take you through step by step how to

  • Get Started
  • Install the bookmarking tool
  • Add Books
  • Add Journal Articles
  • Request a scanned chapter
  • Publish a list
  • Send a list to the Library for review

Use the tabs above to view short video tutorials of how to achieve each section of the user guide

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