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Online Researcher Profiles: Welcome


Having and maintaining an online presence has numerous benefits for researchers. These include:

1. Impact - Researchers are able to calculate and track a variety of citation based metrics, including h-index, i10 index etc.  View the Measuring Research Impact LibGuide for further guidance in this area.

2. Identify - Make your individual achievements more visible and minimise the risk of your publications being wrongly attributed to someone else, especially if you have a common name

3. Compliance - meet journal submission requirements by including identifiers, such as an ORCID

4. Networking - Build your professional network through connecting with researchers around the globe who share similar interests and explore opportunities for collaboration


Researcher IDs are part of the wider Open Research movement.

Researcher IDs

To maximise your online prescence, it is recommended that  Aston researchers join and regularly maintain accounts for the following systems: 

Image result for scopus    Image result for ORCID   Image result for web of science


Further Help

For further help with any aspect of Researcher Profiles, please email 

You will also find lots of additional information on this suite of pages Libguides/ResearchSupport

Social Networks for Researchers

Joining a networking platform for researchers enables your publications to reach a wider audience, allows you to interact with researchers who share the same interests as you and potentially the development of future collaborations.

Image result for research gate    Image result for mendeley

Image result for academia.eduImage result for ssrn