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Research Data Management: Policy Requirements

Which Polices Do You Need to Know About

There are three data sharing policies that you need to know about

1. Funder Polices - Many funders now have data sharing requirement. For instance, for the RCUK data sharing is mandatory. Policies also exist for EU funded research and the Wellcome Trust. It is however best to check with your funders. See individual policies below:

2. Aston University Research Data Policy - Aston has its own research data policy which applies to all research data produced whether funded or unfunded. In most cases, Aston policy will complement funder policies so if you meet one you meet the other. Aston policy is recommended for good research practice. Please see the attached below:

3. Journal Policies - An increasing number of journal are requiring the underlying data forming part of a publication to be shared. Please see the following links for further information: Elsevier, Royal Society, Springer Nature, Wiley, PLOS. Some publishers are more strict than others, whilst journals with the same publisher can often differ on whether the submitting the dataset is a requirement for the paper being published.

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