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Research Data Management: Welcome

Research Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM) is the way you manage, store and structure data produced from the initiation to the completion of your research project.  Researchers need to be aware of how you propose to manage, preserve and share their data even after the project is complete. As well as representing good research practice and enhancing the availability of data to the research community, managing and sharing your research data is often required by your funding body, along with Aston University Research Data Management Policy. 


To Upload your research data, please click here to visit Aston Data Explorer

For further help, download the below tutorial for uploading your research data or alternatively contact:

To see more general information about research at Aston University, please visit Aston Research Explorer or to view Aston's publication repository, visit Aston Publications Explorer

Steps to Sharing your Research Data

  1. Create a Data Management Plan, ideally before starting your research. Visit and login using your university login credentials


  1. Create your data in non-proprietary formats e.g .CSV or use commonly used formats e.g Excel



  1. Log into Box using your university login credentials to store your data. Allow collaborators to view/modify data in Box. Keep all versions of your data. Give appropriate file names e.g version 1.2, 1.3 for small changes and version 2.1, 3.1 for significant changes


  1. Before submitting your publication, log into Aston Data Explorer using your university login credentials Upload metadata describing your data


  1. Upload your underpinning data (as a bare minimum, the numerical values behind the figures/graphs/tables in your publication). Apply embargos/restrictions if required. Deposit dataset


  1. Library services mint a DOI for your dataset. Add DOI as part of Data Access Statement into publication.


  1. Submit Publication. See Open Access LibGuide on what to do next


Activities involved in research data management

Training for Researchers

Sharpen your Open Access & Open Data Know-How

Please check back soon for updates on when the next training session will be held.


To register your interest, please contact

Benefits of research data management

There are many benefits surrounding the management of research data, it is essential that your research data is managed as efficiently and effectively as possible to maintain a high quality of research practice and incur the benefits as seen below.

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